• Amanda Grace

The Open Minded Back Pack

I have always thought of myself as a very open minded individual but this weekend I realized that it is something that I have to continue to work on and remind myself about.

This weekend I took Georgia shopping for a new backpack. She picked out this great backpack with lightning bolts and stars, it was red, yellow, black and blue. Right beside that backpack was the exact same backpack but it was pink with hearts on it.

I asked Georgia twice if she was sure this is the backpack she wanted… “Georgia are you sure you want this backpack because it’s…” and then I stopped myself, I was about to tell her it was a boy’s backpack. And in that second that I stopped she looked up at me and said “yup, it’s a superhero backpack and it will make me fast" (it had a lightning bolt, so obviously). I knew it wasn’t a big deal, it’s just a backpack but I felt hesitant to let her have the ‘boy’ backpack. Why? I have always told Georgia she can be anything she wants to be and it is one of my favorite things about her. Sometimes she wants to be batman, sometimes she wants to be Wonderwoman, sometimes she wants to be a princess and sometimes she is all 3 within 20 minutes. She’s very busy!

So off we went with a superhero backpack. And I realized I need to continue to encourage Georgia to just be her! She can be anything she wants to be!

And really I do the same thing, some days I’m an SLP*, some days I’m a pro athlete working out at the gym (that’s what I see in my head to make myself want to push a sled or use the ropes at the gym, whatever works right?) and some days I’m a super villain chasing batman and robin in a toy filled basement while their trusty sidekick, Max, runs after us all.

SO ... Be you and be whatever you want to be! Unless it’s Captain Underpants at work, you have to wear pants at work. Sorry!

Amanda Grace

* SLP - Speech Language Pathologist


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