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Break It Down

I love this post from a mom last year. It reminds that kids have so much to share with us and are so very entertaining!

I love the positivity of kids! It is one of the reasons I love my job. I get to sit and chat with kids all day! They are always very honest and for the most part happy. It is one of my favorite things about my little G too.

I don’t always want to hear what my sassy 4 year old wants to say (I have been called “Thumbs down” several times in the last week. In my defense its usually about me not letting her eat a freezie for breakfast.) but she is one funny and dream big kind of kiddo. The ideas that come from her and the way she views things, is wonderful.

This quote reminds me that when things seem really difficult, be like that little girl, break them up.

I’m struggling with how busy my days feel when Robbie is away. I think everyone can relate with this feeling! So I have been trying to break up the days into steps. Some days it is wonderful, other days it doesn’t work. But that’s okay it’s a work in progress. I have found when I write down my schedule it seems more doable and I am more likely to get things done. If I write down I am prepping a meal, then I am more likely to actually have everything so I can prep the meal, same goes with working out or even writing down that I am going to read a chapter of a book before bed. For some reason it never works for laundry, I HATE laundry. Someone really should have told me that being an adult meant lots and lots of laundry, blah! I must have been really spoiled growing up that my laundry was always magically done! Thanks mom! Oh dang, now I’m mom, hhhmmmmm. Hahaha!

So remember when you are feeling overwhelmed, break it down. Figure out the steps that need to be done. You could even make a list! We all I know I love a good list!

Have a wonderful day and rest of your week, even if you have to get through it an hour at a time, you can do it!

Amanda Grace

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