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Story time.....

After I graduated from Univeristy, I got my first job in Calgary, AB. I was so excited to be moving to a big city but was also nervous. My mom drove me out there to get settled and ready. It felt like the real chapter of being an adult! Having a career and moving to a big city on my own.

As we were driving down there we took turns driving. Whoever was driving got to choose what we were listening to. When my mom took over, she wanted to listen to a motivational cd. Being an adult now and so mature, I agreed that was a great choice.

The lesson from one of the speakers was that you can make yourself be what you want to be. I then got the brilliant idea that now that I am a “real” adult, I should make myself be a morning person.

A little background.... In college my roommates made a rule that no one was aloud to talk to me until after I showered. Not because I was angry when I woke up, but because it was impossible to have a conversation with me. Apparently my brain did not function for the first 30 minutes or so when I woke up. I also hated morning so maybe I was a little grumpy haha!

Back to the story...

So that was that I decided “I am going to be a morning person”

On my first day of work, I woke up nice and early and jumped in the shower. So proud of myself for getting up early. As I was in the shower I told myself “Good for you, you are so grown up, look at you go!” Then I turned off the water and was about to get out of the shower when I realized that I was still wearing my slippers. I apparently had showered with them on and now my slippers were completely soaked. I decided two things in that moment:

1) apparently my slippers are very clean now as they were full of soap


After that I walked into the kitchen were my mom was sitting with coffee and said “F**k it, I am not a morning person.”

After a good laugh, I finished getting ready and off to work I went. The next morning I set my alarm for a normal time as I didn’t really care about being a morning person. I was and still am fine with it!

When it comes down to it, you be you! If you want to set new goals and try to be morning person, go for it! But if you want to stay a certain way then do it! No matter what your choice, stay true to who you are because that is a pretty great thing.

Amanda Grace

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