• Amanda Grace

A New Year of Possibilities

It’s my BIRTHDAY!!!!

Birthdays are a big deal in my house. I love them, mine and everyone else’s.

But last year when I turned 35, I was less then enthusiastic. At the time I thought it was just because I was getting older and feeling older but now I realize that it wasnt about getting older, it was about not having any goals or drive for 35. (the rhyme was a happy accident, haha!)

I started last year off with no real idea of what I wanted 35 to look like or what I wanted to accomplish. I’m not saying you have to go into each year with specific goals, I’m just saying that I need to go into my years with goals. I strive off of that and feel better as a whole.

Every year I ask my husband if he has any goals for his next year and he rarely ever does. Which is fine! We all I know my big saying “you be you”.

And me being me means goals and something to strive for. Going into year 36 I have added to my vision board and now realize that I need to write down the goals that are going on in my head. This makes me excited for another year. How does the saying go “a new year means there are 365 days of possibilities”? Or something along those lines. I will have to look that one up! Haha!

My point is, don’t stress about the number you are turning but rather focus on what a new year means to you. Look at it in a positive light. It could mean a whole new chapter just waiting to be written. You choose what that chapter looks like and what you want to be in your chapter.

Make sure your next 365 page chapter is a good one, I know mine will be!

Amanda Grace

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