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Three Little Words

Last month, I read 3 little words that helped me more than I would have ever known.

So stay with me on this one, I will get back to the three little words but I want to give a little background information first.

I was diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety when I was 16 and this diagnosis has never left me. I am pretty open about this part in my life but something I don’t often talk about is my ongoing battle with the “little happy pill”. Due to my depression, I take medication every day. It took me a long time to be completely okay with having to take medication but I have made peace with that part of my life. As it is just a small part of my life not a definition of my life. And ever since becoming a mom of two, I have had a more difficult time remembering to take that little pill every morning. When I remember in the afternoon it’s too late (this particular medication has a side effect when taken too close to me going to bed). During the week I am usually into my daily routine and remember to take my medication but the weekends or days that I am not working and out of my routine, creates difficulties. Is something I’m working on and usually isn’t a big deal if I forgot for one or two days.

BUT this weekend it became a bit of a big deal. By Sunday night, my body was in withdrawal and I wasn’t producing enough serotonin on my own. This created the depression part of brain to take over and I started to hit a bit of a low. Luckily I didn’t really notice until the end of the day, kids were in bed and my husband, Robbie, was there to support me.

When I went to bed, my brain was going a mile a minute thinking about things that I don’t usually think about and being concerned about things that are not actually of concern. It was at a different level than the usual Sunday night bedtime stress thinking. I knew what was going but I was unable to tell my brain that I was okay and that I was a good person. UNTIL…………I read a little message from my sister. It had three words “Beautiful and strong”. I was having a really hard time falling asleep and was on my phone. My sister had tagged me in a message. The message was about a giveaway and asked that you give a one word description about a person you love. She tagged me and wrote “beautiful and strong”. Out of all the people she could have tagged, she tagged me and she had not one but two words for me. I cried! Not because I was sad but because my sister didn't even know how much I needed that message. It got me right in the heart strings. It made my world that night. It was enough to allow me to let go of some of the negativity that I was feeling and calm down for bed knowing tomorrow I would get back on track and be on the road to myself. Her kind words made the difference to me that night and I hope that I can pay it forward. I try to make it my goal to spread happiness and am a strong believer that one kind word makes a difference.

So I challenge all of you to make a special effort to let others know how you feel (following the” if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all rule” haha). Let others know they are important.

When it comes down to it the simple lesson is to Be Kind!

Amanda Grace

*A special thank you to my sister who has no idea how much she even means to me. You truly are my best friend.

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